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Student loan services screwing 30 percent more troops and counting

When will the loan servicers stop the nonsense? Why isn’t the Department of Education holding their feet to the fire? Consider this.  The Department of Justice (Justice, not Education), documented that Sallie Mae has been overcharging interest to active duty members of the military since 2005, in violation of the servicemembers Civil Relief

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How to Get Financial Aid as an International Student

Many colleges in the United States are making a big push to recruit international students to come and study. The sad truth is that this isn’t always an effort to diversify the campus. At some colleges, this is done to bring in more money. Unfortunately, international students often pay a lot

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Unsecured Loans

There are any number of reasons why a person might need money. You may want to open a business, do some home renovations or purchase a computer. Saving the money necessary to make such purchases could take some time. Is there an easier way to get the money you need

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