Let’s Write Your Dissertation

The dissertation proposal is the first step to a doctorate degree. The creation of a dissertation proposal is important because it will be the outline of the elements that will constitute your doctorial thesis. It is also the instrument that will be reviewed by your dissertation committee. Based on your proposal the dissertation committee will either approve or disapprove the subject matter of your thesis.

There are several elements that must be included and a certain format that must be followed in the creation of your proposal. The elements that must be included are your abstract, introduction, problem statement, importance of the study, purpose of the research, research hypotheses, preliminary literature review, proposed methodology and procedures, limitations of the study, proposed time frame, references and appendixes.

Due to the critical nature of the dissertation proposal it is often advisable to seek the help and assistance from someone that has experience with the process. You can obtain help at Thesistown.com.

After your proposal is approved by the dissertation committee you can take the next step. The next step is your doctoral thesis. In this phase you must complete your thesis plan. This would include the tasks and activities that need to be completed. These elements would include the literature that will be used and reviewed, a description of your theoretical concepts, the evidence to be considered and the case studies. Not unlike the dissertation proposal there is an accepted format for the creation of your thesis. Following these standard guidelines will make it easier for you to stay on track and for those who have to evaluate your work. This will also help you to optimize the time spent and to keep you organized.

In order to receive a PhD you must complete a doctoral dissertation. This dissertation is the proof of your hypothesis. It is the culmination of all the work and research that has been done to prove or establish the validity of your thesis. This is probably the single most important factor in obtaining your doctorate. Even though the dissertation is a critical element, having a strong working relationship with your dissertation committee is also essential. These are the people who will evaluate your work and provide guidance and support throughout the process. It is imperative that you are able to work with and effectively communicate with this group in order to succeed.

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