How to Repair Hard Drive

How to Fix Hard Drive Errors and Slowdown

Repairing hard drive and doing basic troubleshooting is not difficult unless your hard drive is under serious complications.  This is common in users to store more information on their hard drives than ever and the reason is simple, consumers require more space now and hard drive manufacturing companies have responded to this need by producing immense 500 GB drives that are suitably enough for users. However, such hard drives demand more maintenance than smaller ones. This article provides you with unique information regarding how to fix hard drive problems.

Check Hard Drive Health:

Run the Check Dist, Utility, and CHKDSK to fix hard drive failure. This is a Windows application which allows you to scan your hard drive to detect errors. Most of the times you can fix hard drive problems by using this utility.

This will work by making error zones and instructing your computer to repair the errors. Here is how it works:
Open ” My Computer”
Right click on your selected hard drive
Click “Properties”
Click “Tools”
Click on “Check Now”
If you wan a systematic repair, click “Automatically fix file system errors” and then “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”.
When you see new window, click on “Schedule disk check” to start the process.

Make sure to run this utility every 3 months to avoid hard drive slow down, and fix hard drive errors.

Organize Fragmented Data:

Another way to fix hard drive problems is to organize the data on your hard drive.

You load immense data on your hard drive almost every time when you use your computer. Though, your operating system organizes this data, but it’s not a perfect system. So, many times the data you are adding is placed in an inefficient location on the hard drive, this is called fragmentation. Thus, you should take some steps to defrag the data to overcome poor performance of hard drive. The way to defrag data is mentioned below:
Go to “Start Menu”
Open “My Computer”
Right click on C drive
Click “Properties”
Open “Tools Menu”
Choose “Defragment Now”
Click Defragment in the Disk Defragmenter Menu

Take Out the Trash:

Now that you have enabled your system to fix hard drive problems and errors its time to clean up the newly defragmented data.  Microsoft has developed great tool that can be used to clean up defragmented, unnecessary and temporary data. So, use this tool to clean and avoid hard drive slowness.

How it works:

Click on “Start” button
Click “Programs” and open “Accessories”
Choose “System Tools”
Click on “Disk Cleanup”

Follow these easy steps to fix all your hard drive problems and speed up the Windows performance incredibly. If you understand and follow these steps properly, you can save yourself to spend money on hard drive repairs and speeding up the speed of your computer. On the other hand, you can start giving your services to your friends or family friends to earn some money.

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