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Lovely Paris Hotel Choices

Located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris which is situated on the left bank of the River Seine, 9HOTEL MONTPARNASSE is a lovely choice for your stay in the capital city of France. Referred to by many guests as a non-touristy area, this location will give you an opportunity to get

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Apartment Rentals Vs. Good Old Fashioned Hotels

Key facts about apartment rentals Serviced apartments are common in most cities and towns, so it is likely that you’re already familiar with them. A hotel room is simply a room (usually en-suite) that you rent by the night. A serviced apartment is the same thing, except that you’re renting

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Kuta Bali: Paradise for Sunset Lovers

Kuta Bali: Paradise for Sunset Lovers Enjoying sunset at the beach is the best activity that everyone would love. Kuta Bali is one of the places you can visit to enjoy sunset. There are so many beaches which have exotic corners to enjoy the sunset. With beer at hand, you

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