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A Hacker Explains Phishing and Malicious Links

Hackers are the cowboys of today’s online world. They are hired by large corporations and consulting firms to figure out how to break into people’s and companies’ websites and then build protective walls for those same victims. When figuring out how to find a hole in a secure system, hackers

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New MindManager for Windows offers valuable ease-of-use enhancements

MindManager 15 for Windows, released today by mind mapping software developer Mindjet, offers some practical new features and enhancements that will help you to be more productive and well organized than ever before. The most significant new features of MindManager 15 include a vastly expanded selection of map parts, project management

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Everyone is Talking about Docker Containers

Recently at the Google Cloud Platform Live, Amazon re:Invent, VMWare VWorld and at the OpenStack conference, everyone was talking about Docker containers. Even Microsoft has recently announced that it will provide support in the Windows operating system for Docker containers.  In this blog I will briefly talk about what is Docker, why is

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