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How To Use Periscope

You might be wondering why I’m holding a phone up as I’m filming today’s Juicy Bit. I’m using a new technology called Periscope. Periscope is a live broadcasting social media network. Right now I’ve got 21 people on here right now interacting with me, which I’m going to show you. They’re

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Living With Technology

In today’s era, we can’t live without technology. Living without technology is almost impossible for human beings. Wrather its aknowledged or not, people and technology are inseperable. For example, the computer or laptop is our closest companion and most commonly used tool.  In addition to using computers and laptops, other related devices

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The Power of a GPS

What is one thing that you can find in almost every car on the road today?  The item that is almost as common to the car as a stiring wheel nowadays is the GPS. A GPS is a great tool to ensure you know where you are going while traveling on the road. 

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Benefits of an International GPS System

There is one of two reasons people desire an international GPS tracking system. Some want a system to track their assets, like cars, or keep track of beloved family, while others want a GPS system that will assist them with directions from one destination to another.  Both reasons result in saving time, money and fustration. If you only desire to keep an eye

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Make work easier with electronic devices

Technological advances and electronic devices continue to make life more colorful. Almost all people use electronics to facilitate work, homework or as an entertainment medium. Of course, almost all houses are equipped with electronic devices. These devices range from small to large and serve a number of different purposes. For example, there are

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